Take a look around our nursery with some lovely work from the children!

'This is a map of the Bear Hunt, you come out of the house, go through the grass, then the mud and I forgot the snow storm! I'll put it here after the grass and this is the forest. Look its the Bear!'


June 2017

'This is a volcano with the lava all dripping out, these are the lizards that like licking up all the lava because its so yummy! Mmmmm! They like eating all the lava because it makes their tummies all hot inside their bodies. If they don't have the lava they will go like sticks and they will freeze!'

May 2017

Excellent educational activities, toys and resources

​All through the nursery are resources and toys that assist the children in their development and learning. The children are able to select resources from one area and take it to another, combine different types of toys and explore if they will work together. A great example would be for the children to make boats from Duplo, or paper, or bottles and then take them outside to the water tray or one of the childrens sinks to see if it floats! Such a great way to learn and our wonderful staff team ensures the children cover every one of the seven areas of learning which are:-

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

We are constantly updating and improving activities and resources for the children. We plan in the moment for the children by following their interests and play. We support their games and choices and extend them to ensure the childrens personal development plan is followed and they have every opportunity to learn through their play. The children are free throughout the day to select what activities they wish to follow and there are always two or three development specific activities going on as well as all the lovely resources, toys, puzzles and games

We found the catapillars in the garden and we named them Mister Wiggle and Mister Mister.


This is a wonderful picture of the lifecycle of the butterfly! 



A very BIG thank you to the children who made such lovely artwork which we very proudly put up on our website! 

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