On 20th of June 2017 Ofsted Rated us on


  • Effectiveness of the leadership and management 
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Outcomes for children

 We were rated 'Good' in all areas! 


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Our Cosy Baby Room

Our cosy baby room is where the children from 0 to 24 months are cared for by our dedicated team.

Lots of soft play, sensory toys and caring staff to look after baby exactly as you would at home, with daily updates and photos and information for you on our tapestry online learning and development journal. 

 Explorers Room

Our explorers room is for children from 24 to 36 months who are beginning to explore the world around them using all their senses!


Developing speech and movement, learning to make choices about what we want to do and sharing and playing together.

Adventurers Room

Our adventurers are from 3 years old to going to school! Working together and having adventures in all the areas of learning using our wonderful resources with a big helping of imagination and fun!


Every adventurer has a grown up guide to advise and support them and monitor their development towards school.

Wonderful activities and lots of learning opportunities!

Music and Movement

Using imagination and drama skills to develop childrens learning and confidence.

Daily activities created to support children with fun and engaging learning across the curriculum from number songs to mindfulness with childrens yoga and learning sequencing with dance and action movement. Every day is music and movement day!

Physical Development

Supporting the childrens physical development, climbing up, through and over the big tyres, balance beam and tunnel. Moving around the cones or obstacles, creating individual activities to meet each childs needs and team games to encourage sharing and working together. Whatever the educational outcome it is always fun to play!

Art & Design Workshop

Children love to explore and play with a wide range of art materials, clay, paint, glitter, straws, corks, stones, shells, beads, pasta and so much more. Almost everything can be used to create art and not just paintings, we can sing and dance and build wonderful things! Developing confidence in creativity provides opportunities and encouragement for sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings. Our workshop is open for creation all day!

Confident Literacy & Communication

Ensuring the children are in a language rich environment with lots of words, numbers and letters for them to access and recognise is crucial. Words are all around us, books, magazines, labels on toys, signs for safety. Our staff use these, their communication skills and signing to help children express themselves in a wide range of situations, developing social skills, literacy and self confidence .


Every activity can incoporate maths... we encourage children to ask questions, is it bigger or smaller? Taller or shorter? More? Or Less? This process of estimation is the foundation for complex maths. Even mealtimes are an opportunity to count as we serve ourselves and our friends!  We have lots of natural materials and resources for children to use for counting and numbers as well as calculators and mobile phones! 

Understanding the World

 A huge subject where we guide children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, culture, the local community and interesting places. Connecting to the world using technology and exploring  the environment using all sorts of tests and experiments.

Learning Outside

Our freeflow garden is a great space to explore nature, build huge towers, play team games, chat in the house or ride the bikes! The outdoor environment is a great resource for learning and we encourage children to access it as much as possible. In good weather we often have a picnic tea outside and the children love to play outside as much as possible.

Who we are

We nurture children to develop the skills to be confident in themselves, in their thoughts and feelings and to make independent choices. Supporting xhildren to have positive relationships and respect for others; to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings. Learning how to work in a group whilst being an individual but most of all to have confidence in their own abilities

Extra Curricular Activities

As well as our standard service included in our fees are lots of extra curricular activities too! There are no extra charges for these

  • Musical Education
  • Sports and Football Coaching
  • Dance and Drama 
  • Childrens Yoga
  • Zoo Animal Visits

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